accounting for restaurant tips

This could be anything from better managing your expenses to increasing revenue, reducing labor costs or optimizing your menu pricing. Restaurants will often include an auto gratuity for large parties, typically 20%. Auto gratuities are not treated as tips, but rather are considered service charges. While this may vary by state, generally if the service charge is fully paid out to employees, it will not be considered taxable income to the restaurant. However, if all or part of the auto gratuity is not dispersed to employees, the amount retained by the restaurant is considered taxable income and in some cases may also be subject to sales tax.

You can use restaurant accounting software to manage all your bookkeeping needs, such as creating professional invoices, managing cash flow, and tracking time. A detailed daily operations summary report that can be generated from an automated accounting system will provide you with actionable insights on how to save on food and labor costs. These reports provide a thorough breakdown of your restaurant’s sales by location, time or service type. Furthermore, they can assist in scheduling staff as per peak hours requirements, thus saving on payroll spending.

Common Restaurant Accounting Challenges

That means that you will owe $5000 in sales tax for the month of May. A mere $5000 can mean the difference between just breaking bookkeeping for restaurant even and actually making a profit. That means you will be charged 5% on all sales made during, for example, the month of May.

To make it easier for you, here we have some restaurant accounting tips for you to look at so that next time the accountant comes, you know your end of information thoroughly. If you’re struggling with these same issues, it’s no reflection of your restaurant or business skills, but it does show how complex accounting can be and may be a sign that you need professional help. If you’re ready to say goodbye to these issues and the headache that comes with doing your own accounting, we have you covered with restaurant bookkeeping and accounting services.

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